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Bahureksa Polo International

I’m the CEO of Bahureksa Polo International. Bahureksa is derived from Sanskrit word that means “the most powerful”

Our workshop is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, Komplek Bank Mandiri No. 40 Jl. Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, Indonesia 12 130
Our Legal institution name is PT.Karya Caraka Bahureksa. Bahureksa Polo International is a brand name for our enterprise products. using "international" word because the customers are mainly from the international world.

PT.Karya Caraka Bahureksa was established in 2000. Our beginning core business revolves around rattan/cane and rattan products. We were specialized in exporting rattan raw material, the finest quality of rattan raw material from sumatera, borneo and sulawesi island, with many kinds of rattan cane raw materials used for manufacture, decoration, building construction, and other applications use.

Our Company is a legal institution which held a right to export rattan raw material. Since  then we begin to change the orientation into a specialized business of manufacturing finished or semi-processed of polo mallet. Until now we already
send our products all around the world. As we all already know, only in our country you can find cane
material for polo mallets, not in the other locations.

Currently we are the only company that has an export license in Indonesia to sell raw material and semi- processed polo mallet product. Mostly we have been a supplier to polo maker in USA and Europe.
And currently we are also able to make other polo equipment, such as polo helmets, knee guards, also polo
gloves. We already have customers in various countries who love these products.

Polo mallet is made through a very long process. Starting with cutting cane in the jungle and carried it to
the shelter. On the shelter then we remove the thorns. The selected cane will be sent through the river or
land to our workshop. Next step is curing and drying for about 3 months.

After washing phase, we will get the best cane for polo mallet, has characterstic feature such as taper,
mature, and has spring typical of polo mallet.

Then next step is cleaning the skin by washing and drying again, this process have to be done in order to
ensure that the physical condition of polo mallets are very smooth without any defects.

All selected cane with good physical qualities and a superior spring are then straightened and cut according
to the desired length. Then we give the grips on each cane and customize the size as desired by the customer.

Polo mallets are all handmade and 100 % based on nature. There will be no products that are created equal.

There is no bad or good polo mallet, because each player has their own preference. Polo mallet that is too
hard like hammer or too weak like a string will not be available in the market because it will fail in the
previous checking processes.

It is important to be understood that usually a polo maker will divide a polo mallet into three different springs
that are wypy (weak), medium and hard/stiff.

Beginner player and other buyer must know how long the stick they want and also the spring-stiffness of
the stick, after they can make sure about the spring then they also have to make sure whether they like polo
mallet that is light, medium or heavy. For professional player, usually they already know what kind of polo
mallet they need, as well as the weight and the spring or the stiffness.

There are some polo makers in the world like Zapala, Gorgewood, G-slpice, Tato mallets, Pablo medina,
etc, they really have their own characteristic according to their unique customers, the region and the players
preferences in that region. Of course the stick for European player must be different from the stick that is
used by Asian pro player. Asian players tend to use medium/small grip and medium stiffness, while European
player like the stick that has stiff spring. Also the European customers don’t care with the number of rows in
each stick, but Asian or South American player like a stick that has many row.

It is really important to be understood that 1 polo stick is selected from more than around 100 cane
materials. It means that the other 99 canes will be useless. And this cane is made by nature in the jungle.
The special cane for polo cannot be grown on purpose so the availability in nature will be rare. It means
that when we make 100 order of stick, then we have to make a selection from 2 warehouses that are filled
with around 2 thousands materials each.

So for the years to come, cane for polo mallet will be very expensive and very hard to get along with the
narrower space of the jungle and the increasing amount of forest cutting.

The head has different color, according to the preference, whether it is personal, team or clubs.

We are horse lovers, instead of the happiness from participating in polo sport, we also feel sad, because
the material for the cane are getting rare. I agree with Mr.Gorge wood in new zealand who make polo stick
from fiber. That is a brilliant idea to make an alternative from different materials, even though the feel won’t
be the same. Offcourse, we will happy to tell everyone to visit www.polomagazine.org