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Chile v India World Polo Champs


Chile vs India

11 – 2

Chile rumble as India restore pride

Chile won their second game in Group B with an 11-2 win of India on Wednesday after a strong first two chukkas from India that shook the champions.

After a 16-1 loss to England in their opening game, India needed to restore some pride and they should have been ahead after two chukkas but missed chances to go ahead.

The Indians came out with a different intensity – as coach Uday Kalaan later said “we fight for ourselves. We fight for our country.”

The Indians immediately put the Chileans on the back foot. India had changed positions of all four players come the first throw-in. But it was the intent and the man marking that appeared to cause the Chilean’s problems.

Had India been more accurate – missing four opportunities to score – they may well have built up a cushion for what was about to come from Chile.

At half time Chile led by 3 to 1 and, with India still in the game, Chile coach Martin Zeggers asked his players to simplify their game plan.

Chile coach Martin Zeggers said “India played a terrific first two chukkas and put a lot of pressure on our guys.

He added that after the break his Chilean players “made it more simple, started hitting back shots and turning.”

As the Chileans came back out firing, India were unable to maintain the pace as the more experienced Chileans began to win the throw ins and find runners up field.

“It’s only the second game with this team as was a very raining winter (in Chile).” Zeggers added

“We are still in a process of knowing each other under harsh circumstances, but what I take from today is that the simpler we play the better we play.”

The win sets up an enticing Super Saturday encounter against England as the teams vie to top the group and progress to the final.  

Ahead of Saturday’s game, and worryingly for England, the Chilean captain Jose Zeggers said “England are a tough team but we feel good with the team (we have).  We have not played much together. We had a really bad winter. We are starting with a team that we never thought we were going to start with.”

England played a tournament in Australia before the tournament. Could this be the edge that they need come Super Saturday? Or will the champions just keep getting better and better?