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The Wallace Ashton Horse Sale



Over the past 4.5 decades Wallace and his brother James Ashton have bred Polo Ponies. Wallace has sold very few but of note was the sale of Blue to Kerry Packer.  When Horacito Heguy was asked by a journalist what the best horses he'd ridden were he stated 3 Argentine ponies and “I play a horse, Blue, in Australia”. She is representative of the Ashton breed.  An Australian Stock with liberal amounts of bloodhorse. They are run as a herd and not given hard feed but are grazed on the hills of the central west and southern tablelands of NSW.


This is cool country and the horses mature slowly.  A horse is still growing until 6 or 7 years. As such they are more robust than horses that are playing top polo at 5. They are calm, intelligent horses that are ideally suited for the 5 goal player and less. Nevertheless, James sold a horse Miss Glitter to Henry Brett who won champion pony in the international on two occasions. Many of Wal's foundation stock are from the same lines. Wal is regularly still playing polo on his easy and safe horses which are 19 and 20 years old.





Wallace Ashton has never before

had a sale of his Australian Stock Horses.



As Wallace is now 75 years of age, he doubts if he will be mounting an 8+ goal polo team again and so he has elected to offer his 40+ horses under the age of 10 for sale. These horses have been handled with utmost care throughout their lives. The horses aren't broken in until the age of 2 and they don't play fast polo until the age of 7. Up until this time they are ridden regularly by doing stock work, general farm work, hacking and light stick and balling to prepare them for competition.


While these Australian Stock Horses have been carefully bred for polo they are so calm, robust and quiet that they would be suitable for many horsing ventures such as hacking, camp drafting, stock horse work, eventing, endurance rides, polo cross or jumping. They are true all rounders and impeccably schooled.


The horses will be up for Sale on Wednesday 8th March 2023. With the open auction taking place at Wal's Sydney based polo field, Muddy Flatts. Both live and online bids will be accepted. 


There will be every opportunity to ride and inspect the horses from the beginning of February onwards as the horses will all be in work at Muddy Flatts.  


Field Location:

Muddy Flats Polo Field Triangle Lane
Richmond NSW 2753


Contact Wallace Ashton for details: +61 418 288 687




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For more information go to walashton.com